Dear Settlers,

Thank you very much for visiting "The Settlers Online" in the Ubisoft Lounge! We had some very nice talks with players from all over the world. We had an awesome time with the Sunday fan sites members and fan art contributors who attended the "Community Day." A huge "Thanks!" to everyone who accepted the invitation and made the gamescom Sunday a very special and emotional day for all of us!

We hope you also enjoyed the voucher codes we sent during the gamescom days .

gamescom Ubisoft Lounge 2016

Friday started with a lot of people
(And a Christmas reindeer with a "free hugs" plate...)

BB_Alex explaining the Excelsior + BB_Pandur introducing the TSO cup (!)

Community Sunday - fan sites members and fan art contributors

The TSO Ubisoft Lounge team Bob, Orowa, Pandur, Alex

But one member is missing because he had to depart on Friday...

MOD_Hasenpfote (Archive picture ^^)

Thanks to all players & visitors, online contributors, the staff, the team,
and everyone else who were involved in making this year's gamescom awesome