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Tema: SOS Sonya: The Sentinel

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    SOS Sonya: The Sentinel

    The Deaf Sentinel

    You enter the maze altogether, but the explorers are already sprinting ahead. You cannot beat their training and years of experiencing in scouting, so even before you know it, your group splits into two. As you confidently walk around the maze, you notice it wasn't as intricate as you thought it would be. Your group quickly reaches the exit and waits for the explorers. After some time, you hear their cheerful chatter as they exit the maze and bring you some loot they found inside: nibs and paper. How curious!

    You are now close to the ruin where the frozen man must have found the stone figurine. With a smile of accomplishment you move forward, but just as you're about to do so, you notice out of the corner of your eye a pair of two red eyes staring at your group. It seems to be some sort of creature living in a small cave near the ruin. You decide to ignore the danger and continue your way towards the ruin, but the creature comes out of its dwelling and blocks your way.

    You see it clearly now: the creature is, in fact, a middle-aged man, dressed in some sort of old, dusty uniform and appears to be the guardian of the ruin. His eyes are glowing in a mysterious red light, and even though he is staring straight at you, he seems to look at a point somewhere behind you. Surely you didn't leave a good first impression when you decided to ignore him earlier! You pluck up your spirits and greet him. No reaction, not even a smile. You continue talking to him, but you notice the man shows no sign of understanding - could he be deaf? Before the situation gets even more awkward, the sentinel shows you a parchment:

    Whoever wants to see Eamon the Seer has to answer three questions.
    Answer wisely, or my master will not grant you an audience.

    1. What is your name?
    2. What wisdom do you seek from Eamon?
    3. What will you use it for?
    With great excitement in her eyes, Sonya mumbles "Eamon the Seer? Could the legends be true? We have to get to the ruins!" With a lump in your throat, you open your mouth to answer the questions, but the sentinel interrupts you with a gesture pointing at his ears. What now? You're at a loss, but Sonya kindly reminds you of what your explorers found in the maze! "Oh, but of course!" you smile back at her with relief. You quickly start scribbling something on a piece of paper... What did you write?

    Answer wisely,

    • Put pen to paper and send us your answer to the Sentinel's questions.
    • Your entry must be handwritten and must answer all 3 questions. Make sure to scan or take a photo of your contribution and upload it to our forums.
    • You must submit your contribution between January 23rd and January 29th, 2018.

    • The most convincing handwritten answers have a chance of winning 1 x Manuscript, 1 x Tome and 1 x Codex.
    • Other prizes consisting of 5 Crystals will be given to those providing a valid contest entry.

    TIP: Use a beautiful handwriting to impress the Sentinel!

    SOS Sonya - The Chapters
    1. The Frozen Man
    2. The Maze
    3. The Sentinel
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    en cualquier parte llamado mundo
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    y el español donde esta? crei haber hecho una peticion que secundo mucha gente
    para el mundo eres alguien, pero para alguien eres el mundo.

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    Pasan de todo nuestro careto....

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    es mucho trabajo para ellos traducirlo al español

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