19th of March 2019

  • The Endless Iron Mine is now available in the Architect category of the merchant

  • The mechanic for the Gift Christmas Tree was reworked*. Now you receive a mystery box in your star menu that you can open to see your gift. The number of items in the package corresponds to the number of Gift Christmas Trees you have on your island.
  • The following Christmas decorations can now be deleted from the star menu: Christmas Bench, Christmas Hut, Pile of Gifts, Christmas Pyramid, Candy Cane Lantern and Nutcracker Memorial.
  • The cooldown of the Meadhall and Scouting Post has been reduced by one hour to improve the timing when used on a regular basis.
  • Adjusted the texts of the permanent blue and red mayor’s house skins to make them distinguishable from the temporary skin.
  • General Anslem is now correctly effected by the Detailed Star Chart Buff from the Observatory.
  • Adjusted multiple shop descriptions and tooltips for buildings.
  • Adjusted multiple descriptions throughout the game to make them fit the interface.

*Additional Information about the Christmas Tree rework will be added at a later point to this Changelog.

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