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Tema: Change log 27.08.2020

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    Change log 27.08.2020

    Technical implementation of the Anniversary Event!

    25th 27th August 2020

    • New Event: This year's Anniversary Event, a large event with many new quests, achievements and shop items, has been technically implemented. The celebrations officially begin on Monday, 31st of August!
    • New Bundle: "The Witch Bundle #3" has been added to the Black Market.
    • Expiring Bundles: The Grand All-In-One Package and Marvelous All-In-One Package are being removed from the Black Market with this update. If you're interested in picking them up, make sure to get them while you still can!

    • Achievements: Fixed an issue that caused the “First-Rate Combat Armory” achievement to get completed by upgrading any building to level 7.
    • Adventures: A decoration object in the adventure “Dark Brotherhood” is no longer selectable.
    • Buildings: Fixed the positioning of the Bakery and Friar Tributes to be consistent with other tributes.
    • Buildings: The Sunflower Farm is now positioned correctly.
    • Buildings: Non-recurring Recycling Manufactories will be turned into recurring ones.
    • Buffs: The Prestigious Friend Buff now affects the Bandit Nest adventure.
    • Specialists: The skill of the Archeological Geologist is now displayed correctly for every deposit search.
    • UI: Oil is now displayed in the economy overview.
    • Text: Fixed various localisation issues.

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