Togetherness Event 2022

In this new event, you'll be tasked with meeting the high (and sometimes unusual) standards of the King's emissary as he audits your island. After all - times are tough recently, and the King is making sure that all his Settlers are coping well during these trying times. With the help of some new royal decrees and promising policies, the envoy is confident you can create an even better living standard for your Settlers! If you manage to meet his demands, improve your island to the King's expectations, and maybe see through some occasional impromptu crisis or two, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a symbol of your island's Unity as you look toward the bright future ahead of you:

Togetherness Memoir

Type: Culture, recurring
Effect: +400% output/speed
Duration: 1 Hour / 24-Day Cooldown
Targets: All Workyards, Barracks, Elite Barracks and Epic Workyards
Aquistion: Complete the Togetherness Event Quest Chain
Tradable: No
Giftable: No

The Togetherness Memoir is a shining example of your island's fortitude to weather any storm, no matter how daunting. Through the power of Unity, you can use this building to enact the "Zone Refresher" buff. Similar to the existing "Guide" zone-buffs (Wood cutting, Paperwork, Stone, Ore, Weapons, Recruiting, Food & Hunting guides), this targets all eligible production and recruitment buildings with +400% output for a 1-hour duration. While this powerful buff has a lengthy 24-day cooldown, this can be bypassed at a cost of 499 Gems, meaning you can help bolster your island's production in a pinch when needed!

We hope you enjoy this new event - don't forget you have until Wednesday, December 7th to finish the quest chain. Let us know in the feedback thread below what you like/dislike about the event, and if you'd like to see more events like this in the future!

Happy Settling,
Your "The Settlers Online" Team
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