Summer Event Event Implementation & Bug Fixes!


  • New event: This game update includes the technical implementation of this year's Summer Event, which begins on June 10th!
  • Sound: The sound management system has been reworked for better stability and reduced memory consumption

    *With this rework memory leaks and bugs such as the Concert Hall not changing the background music or the music not playing when toggling sound settings have also been addressed. This rework has also resolved the crash that could occur when visiting friends' islands with the Concert Hall active.

  • Buffs: The Stop buff can no longer be used to skip the waiting time in Starfall quests
  • Buffs: Fixed an issue that caused the Forgotten Cemetery to not be affected by buffs
  • Buffs: Fixed an issue that prevented the Super Romantic Date buff from affecting the Classy Hotel and Forgotten Cemetery
  • Starfall: Fixed an issue that could cause stacks of Starfall reward chests to disappear without giving loot when opened

  • Sounds: After a relog it is possible that the default background sound plays instead of an active Concert Hall song
  • Sounds: After visiting a friend the background music from the friend's zone will continue to play on the home island
  • Sounds: If a song from the Concert Hall is currently playing it will keep playing when visiting friends

    *These issues will be addressed in an update after the Summer Event has ended - thank you for your patience and understanding.

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